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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here we will upload relevant Questions/Answers as we go along.


Q: I love your concept! But can you explain a bit more about how it works?
A: Well, it's pretty straightforward actually. You simply create an user profile - and then you upload your music (make sure to edit your video upload with text, genre etc.!). And that’s actually it. You can of course help it along the way by telling your friends and family to like it :) If others do the same and you end high enough up on the monthly chart (within your music genre) then it will be guaranteed to be heard by our partners who will give you their feedback, medias will make reviews (if an original song) etc. BUT... With our community you and your music is also likely to be exposed to a lot of other relevant people - other musicians, music producers etc.
The community will also act as a social network where you can create a network of friends, interact with each other, make groups, post news and events etc. We have tried to make the platform simple and easy to use and with entertainment in high focus - to ensure as many people as possible will like it and use it - hence ensuring as much exposure to you as possible. Should you feel that the platform does not quite live up to the concept behind, please let us know and we will try and improve it along the way :)



Q: I have nothing produced. I only got my voice recorded.
A: That's fine. Consider uploading a cover of a song you like (see copyrights) and then maybe Zonofy can get you connected to a producer, songwriter or a band.
Q: I'm a songwriter - and a singer too.
A: Even better!
Q: So I can upload only my voice - without any instrument or background music playing?
A: Definitely. See it as a platform where you can "sell" or promote your "product". Zonofy will help connect you and give you a platform where you also yourself can find      whoever you are looking for.
Q: For free!?
A: Absolutely for free!
Q: Really!? Nice! :)



Q: How many songs/videos can I upload to
A: You can upload an unlimited amount of videos if you choose the “Remote media” upload option. As we want to keep Zonofy free to use for our users we have had to set a max. upload space for direct uploads at 200 Mb to begin with. Hopefully with your help we will be able to remove this limitation later on.





Q: I did not receive my verification e-mail when I signed up as an user on – what should I do?
A: The verification e-mail should have been sent to you but might have ended in your spam inbox. Please check this first. If you can’t find it there either, please contact us: by clicking here




Q: How do I upload and tag videos on Zonofy ?
A: Please follow this guide : Userguide to upload and tag videos




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