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Dear Zonofy user,


We are honoured that you have decided to become a user of our platform.


We have lately received feedback from thousands of people from around the world who all love the Zonofy concept. We, at Zonofy, have tried to build a platform that can support that concept. We have a lot of exciting partners in place, with more to come, and many ideas on how to build on this concept. BUT, we also know that this is just a platform in-the-making. What we need from you now is your help, your input and feedback on how we can develop this platform into something that we will all love and keep using. We are open to whatever input you may have. So let’s make Zonofy a joint effort and OUR platform. In return, we promise you that Zonofy will stay a free-to-use platform and that we will keep doing our best to ensure the very best exposure of our users and their music/talent!


So, please send us your feedback and input: by clicking here (but please no spam).




The Zonofy team

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