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The great Chet Atkins said, “In order to be successful you must recognize your strong points and your weak points and work within those limitations.”  Most of us are good at a few things but the rare few are good at everything.
In any endeavor we make we should always align ourselves with the best people available. 

David Schwartz, in his book, The Magic of Thinking Big” tells the story of Henry Ford and the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune had called Ford an ignoramus and a suit followed. Ford told the Tribune to, “Prove it.”  They asked a series of simple questions such as, “How many feet are in a mile?” and “Who was Benedict Arnold?” to which Ford had no clue.  Exasperated, Ford finally exclaimed, “I don’t know the answers to your questions, but in five minutes time I can find a man who does.”

In my personal case, I excel at pitching songs and consulting with clients, but I have difficulty with the financial part of my business so I retained the services of a CPA…the result: my business runs much smoother and I can focus on what I do best. The same is true with my web site. I don’t have a clue how these things work…but I do know an expert to call and have him take care of it for me.

My father in law is a very bright man.  I continue to learn from him all of the time.  He shared with me that he could easily tell anyone how to perform an appendectomy, but would I really want that person, no mater how well meaning they may be, to perform the procedure?  Or would I rather have an expert?

When the time comes in your career to hire a songplugger, I hope you will choose me. 
Thanks for allowing me to share these ideas. Please e mail me if you’d like to know more on this topic.



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